Computer Support

Help Desk & Back Office Services

When Cybertech maintains client’s system and applications, we can also provide Help Desk support of the same to their users.  Our team’s involvement in development and maintenance ensures their understanding of customers’ business environment, system variables and user requirements equipping us as an ideal technical helpdesk services partner as well. The vast majority of the user problems can be resolved over the phone or with live online chat. For large projects, onsite coordinators can also be provided.

When the Help Desk services are requested for the systems and applications developed and being maintained by others, Cybertech Services Team will have to go through a training period to acquire the adequate understanding of the business environment, application details, user requirements and other relevant aspects to provide the desired level of support. In addition, we can also train our teams to handle the desired back-office services of your company, using the same infrastructure and communication facilities.

Our Help Desk can be staffed with trained professionals to provide needed assistance around the clock or during specified hours. The trained professionals will not only identify themselves as part of your organization, they will impart a positive and lasting impression that will echo your company’s branding and messaging in customer care.Help Key