GET STARTED: Evaluate Benefits

Once the potential global sourcing work has been identified, we can work with you to evaluate the costs and benefits of global sourcing. If the preliminary evaluation makes business sense, a more detailed proposal can be developed.

Smart sourcing is not just for Fortune 500 companies. Even small & medium size businesses can benefit from it. Please examine your operations, and if:

  • IT is not your company’s core business, and you have more than 10 employees tied up in IT work, Global Sourcing may benefit you,
  • Your competition is achieving business efficiencies & effectiveness by using IT enabled services or global sourcing their non-core business processes, and you are not.

Let Cybertech help you explore the possibilities.Evaluate Smart Sourcing Benefits

Cybertech team can help you develop a detailed project plan including necessary transition considerations, delivery schedule, milestones, quality specifications, acceptance criteria etc. We will be delighted to work with you and propose a solution, which will meet your requirements and save IT dollars.