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Cybertech Teams in India are organized under two business units – Exports & Domestic.

The Exports unit is primarily concerned with serving our international clients in coordination with the Domestic unit which provides for the Global delivery center framework for all services. It works with Cybertech US, which serves as its marketing arm for the international clients.

The Exports unit has integrated teams of professionals working on customer sites in US and Bangalore, India. These include:

  • Client Managers, Marketing Associates, Technical Support professionals and Consultants in United States to work with its
  • Additional team of Offshore Technical experts, Project Managers, Operations Managers and Solution Assurance professionals who work with the development teams to monitor and report the progress on each project.
  • They use disciplined project management methodologies, tools and techniques to deliver client projects according to the specifications, on time and under budget.
  • The clients, however, work with only their account representatives who interfaces with the Cybertech teams and keeps them informed about the projectstatus
  • While an experienced CEO to head the Exports Unit is engaged, Sheel is providing guidance to the Exports team.

World Map

The Domestic unit provides IT Services and consultancy to the clients in the domestic Indian market. It also has product development team, which deals with envisioning and conceptualizing, strategizing and creation of novel products for the worldwide market. This unit is also involved in providing IT Enabled Services sectors.

Rajesh Kapoor heads the Domestic unit and carries the overall responsibility for planning, finance, development and delivery operations of this function.