About Us


Cybertech Services is a global information technology consulting and global sourcing company dedicated to delivering creative and effective IT solutions to a variety of industries.  Founded in 2000 by former IT executives, under the leadership and vision of Dr. Sheel Thakur, Cybertech is focused on developing and maintaining applications for clients.  Our ability to design bespoke programs is derived from our thorough approach by first working with and fully understanding clients’ objectives.

We value our client relationships and emphasize customer satisfaction.  Our Client Relations Team is headquartered in New York and is responsible for managing all of the firm’s outsourced engagements.  The Client Relations Team serves as liaison between clients and our Offshore Solutions Team based in Bangalore, India.  The Cybertech Offshore Solutions Team collaborates with our New York team to define and evaluate client goals, develop and design solutions, and implement and support the end product.

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