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Global sourcing of smaller projects will continue...

According to industry experts, the future of global sourcing will witness an increase in the global sourcing of smaller projects…. there will be an increase in smaller buyers who will be looking for flexible and specialized smaller providers to support them in realizing new business concepts and to resurrect their businesses as the economy rebounds…


Global sourcing of IT work continues to grow and the challenges faced by organizations are moving from dealing with political backlash to more operational issues like managing dispersed teams and gaining operational efficiencies. 

    • The majority of large companies continue to operate globally to improve competitiveness by taking advantage of easy exchange of low-cost, high quality technical skills.
    • Surveys show that overall satisfaction with global sourcing is increasing as companies gain experience in handling the global sourcing contracts.
    • As the benefits of global sourcing are becoming apparent, small & medium companies are beginning to explore these benefits.

When companies engage in ‘smart sourcing i.e. selecting ‘right’ work Computer Screen Viewto outsource to ‘right’ partners using best practices, success is mostly guaranteed.

Industry experts, who have been studying the advantages and disadvantages of global sourcing, feel that the future of global sourcing will continue to remain secure mainly due to the various benefits that global sourcing brings both to the buyer and the global provider.